Friday, September 6, 2013

Where does the time go

Who doesn't love them...
Giving gives one great satisfaction
Receiving them out of them blue gives great pleasure.
My son is visiting for the weekend and I talked him into taking photos for me, this way I had no excuse not to blog as his feelings would be hurt if I didn't use his pictures.  
You see I have to play mind games with myself to get me motivated, don't get me wrong I love to blog, see comments and read others blogs, but how easy is it just to pick up needle and thread and just stitch.
Thank goodness everyone is not the same or I would have nothing to read in the evenings.
So What are the gifts????
I received a nice size box from Irene and Anne who are stitching pals in England.
This was what was inside
 Ironstone pudding mold, marmalade jar and potted meat pot.  Some lovely linens
 A tiny thimble purse with a beautiful thimble and tiny buttons in it, and Gypsy Pegs!
I had to ask what Gypsy Pegs were, not their function cloths pins but if you live here in the US we don't have them.  They are most intriguing really a small work of art now I want to collect them...

 Then two weeks ago we went to Knoxville for a quick visit and to shop at an antique show.
I stayed with Candi for the night,  it is never enough time to get in all the trouble we would like to, but...
She gave me my birthday gift
Fabric, thread for the sampler bag in SANQ and thread keep, well you know I had to start that night.
I have put in a few letters since, it is a very fun stitch and I'm looking forward to putting together in the bag form.

 So what have I been up to for the last three months???
A little finishing

 A little stitching

 Notice Gypsy Pegs in use.
 A little antiquing do you see pin cushions????
A Little Cat Watching
So I'm going to post this quick I don't want to test fate, three months really!
I will be posting very soon as I have items that need to make it into your hands, so please don't give up on me and check back soon.
Have a great weekend with lots of stitching.
Not sure what is causing the big gap at the beginning of this post, phantom sampler that was completed this summer?