Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fabric Sharing

Fabric Sharing
So I have been cleaning out my linen box and separated it all into counts with a nice separate box for each, but at the end of all my sorting I found that I had some nice pieces of non linen even weave.
I am not sure how I ended up with these pieces of even weave but since they are just sitting here wishing someone would put them to good use I am going offer them up. 
I have two groups I tried to group them by similar types.

Found a new home
Fabrics like Heather field
Includes one Adams Original pillow.
This group pieces are all different sizes a few large pieces.

Found a new home
Fabrics like Melinda, Linda, Jobelan, Jubilee. 
 Some of these pieces are quite large if adding them all together most likely over 2 full yards. 
 Both pictures are of same pile so you can have an idea of color and total amount.

So do you use this type of fabric??
Are you in need of some????
If you would like it and are willing to pay shipping shoot me an email and it can be Yours!
I am not sure of shipping cost but my guess is around $10.00 priority in US.
I would prefer not to ship overseas due to high cost based on weight.