Sunday, January 25, 2015

Handsome is as Handsome does, with a Giveaway!

Well Christmas and the New Year have come and gone and I am back to my old ways of posting occasionally. 
Don't they same absence makes the heart grow fonder???? 
Well I am not going to lie to you and say I am going to do better only to continue in my haphazard ways of blogging, but as of late most of what I do is some what haphazard.
Picking what I'm going to stitch in the evenings is kind of a task in itself,  I will start with something and if I just don't feel it, on the pile of projects it goes and I will grab another.  I have been trying to control myself by not starting anything new though, so far so good.  
So over Christmas friends of ours decided that they wanted to raise some calves, mainly to mow their grass come spring.  So what does this have to do with me???
Well Danny found a source for some Holstein/Angus calves for our friends and then since we had access to truck and trailer we did the hauling. 
These calves were from a dairy and being bottle fed, when we picked them up the Dairyman said this one calf was born big and you have to really work with him to get him to eat.  He said when they are born big they are kind of SLOW.
This is how they got their names Smarty (smaller calf that had it all together) and Handsome (big calf that was Slow but Handsome)
Well first night no problems at feeding time. So our friendly duty done...well not so fast.
Our friends had much more trouble at feedings and then Handsome started going down in a hurry.
So they call us all concerned and so for the next 2 weeks we were feeding calves.
 Handsome had to be tube feed for a couple of days as he had gotten dehydrated.
Here they are all snuggled down for the night.  
No this is not how we in TN put the cow to bed at night but Handsome had a fever and so we took to covering him in straw and a blanket until he was back on his hooves.

During this time I was beginning to wonder if Handsome would ever learn how to suck, his tongue seemed to be to big for his mouth, and then one day it was like he always knew.
Here they are today ready for a bottle!

So I was looking at old rugs on pinterest  and saw one that was of a dog, but to me it looked just like Handsome so out comes the punch needle and here is Handsome.
I still need to stain him up a little and decide on a finish for him, so if you have any ideas they are welcome!

These next few pictures are not new finishes, but they are newly framed!
Emma Lerch by the Scarlett Letter has been sitting in a drawer for close to 10 years, poor thing but now she is hanging in all her glory.

Close up of frame

Here again the Huntsman by Scarlett Letter in the same drawer for the last 2 years, not so long, but he was very antsy to get back to ridding.  He is now gracing the living room wall.

I really love this frame as it has a little depth to it.
Now the last piece Red Deer by GIGI has not been in the drawer but a few months, but this one really did not need to languish for long as it is truly stunning.  If you want a fun sampler to stitch I would highly recommend it, all the colors and those funky flowers!

I did all the lacing on the three samplers but I got the frames from Kevin at THE BARN DOOR.  I'm not sure if he felt sorry for me or I was just able to stay away from the expensive Italian molding but I still feel like I owe him more money (how often do you say that coming home from the framer).  So if your close to Franklin you need to bring your stitching with you for framing.

Now for some fun!
Since it is getting close to market I was cleaning out the sewing "Stash" room and found that I had some duplicates of the same pattern.   I must have really like these two since I bought them twice, however they still are not stitched.  So I want to share them with two of you so they may get stitched!
All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me which one you want and I will draw two names Next Sunday February 1st.

 Jane Habgood Coppard c. 1812
The Samplar Workes
Give Her
Both lovely Why are they not stitched yet??
Hope your week is full of lovely stitching see you next Sunday with some winners.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Greeting

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas Season 
May your New Year be filled with joy and happiness and unlimited stitching!
I'm planning on getting in lots of trouble on the stitching front wish me luck, if anyone needs enabling  I'm your man and would be more then happy to help you out on that front, jut drop me a line and the enabling will begin.
Joy to all!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fabric Sharing

Fabric Sharing
So I have been cleaning out my linen box and separated it all into counts with a nice separate box for each, but at the end of all my sorting I found that I had some nice pieces of non linen even weave.
I am not sure how I ended up with these pieces of even weave but since they are just sitting here wishing someone would put them to good use I am going offer them up. 
I have two groups I tried to group them by similar types.

Found a new home
Fabrics like Heather field
Includes one Adams Original pillow.
This group pieces are all different sizes a few large pieces.

Found a new home
Fabrics like Melinda, Linda, Jobelan, Jubilee. 
 Some of these pieces are quite large if adding them all together most likely over 2 full yards. 
 Both pictures are of same pile so you can have an idea of color and total amount.

So do you use this type of fabric??
Are you in need of some????
If you would like it and are willing to pay shipping shoot me an email and it can be Yours!
I am not sure of shipping cost but my guess is around $10.00 priority in US.
I would prefer not to ship overseas due to high cost based on weight.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Perfect Picture

I am one always longing for a perfect picture only to be disappointed with the lack of my photo graphic skills.
Yesterday it happened the perfect picture no cropping no enhancing, just the way it came off the camera.  I think the lake was trying to give some thing as it was holding on to the fish.
I took pictures and knitted all day while Danny chased the elusive fish on Percy Priest Lake.
I got the perfect picture and a pair of slippers knitted, Danny caught approximately 6 fish in 10 hours  my returns were better, but the day was beautiful so all were happy! 
 Fall Cyprus Tree

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Walk

What have I been up to.....
Working, Stitching, Fishing and Walking!
Yesterday at lunch time I went for a walk on the State of Tennessee Ag Campus, its a nice place to walk with trails on its 200 acre Campus there is plenty to see.
This was the lone Iris in the Iris Garden the weather has been so nice I think that this one got confused that it is fall and not spring.
 Up near the Ag museum there is a garden it contains items that are commonly grown in Tennessee

The Little garden has a lovely picket fence around it I'm still trying to talk my husband into making me one.

This big bumbler getting punch drunk in the warm sun.

The walk ended rather abruptly in the gardens behind my building.
If you look closely you can see the HAWK flying up in to the trees.
Well nosy me wanted to see what he had been up to in the monkey grass, I think I startled him as much as he did me.  I never did get to see what he had over there because as soon as I got close he came swooping down to get me out of there.  He did not really have to make his point as I turned and ran thinking gosh they do have pretty sharp talons! 
So thus ended my walk.

 Last Saturday I went to a dying day with the local rug hooking group.
They had guest speakers demonstrating natural dying.
I took velveteen to practice on and this was the result.
We used three mordants Alum,  Iron, and Copper.
We dyed with hibiscus blooms ( the pinks), woad (the two blue grays), Osage Orange (yellow) and the green is over dyed in a chemical dye.  This was great fun and something that I would love to experiment with more. 

One last picture of me with the biggest Bass I have caught to date, weighing in at 6.8 lbs.
Not to worry after his photo shoot he is back in his lake swimming around.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stacy and Gigi at St. Charles

Back from St Charles Market
I saw lots of great new items to stitch and I now have to decied which to start.
I am the worst with my camera I get to busy looking and fail to record it for all of you to see, however there were lots of cameras flashing so I know you will get a great overview of market if you just search the web.
I spent most of my time surrounded by Stacy Nash's new Designs enjoy a picture tour of her booth.

Pumpkin Harvest top shelf
Thistles and Spells

Mourning Tree

Whaling Ship
Miss Baxter
From Berry Chapel Road (aka Deer Road)
North Winds Blow Kit

Then I was able to spend some time with Gigi's Samplers
She brought over lots and lots of Antique Samplers from her collection here are just a few.
She also had may antique pieces of linen clothing with fine hand work it was like being in a museum.

All were lovely, but I think the Spotted cow has moved into position for my next start he is just lovely!
I will try to post sooner rather then later, this summer has flown by and I'm still trying to figure out where the time has gone.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


This is a quick post.  Yesterday I was helping with an estate/yard sale and I met a young crafter from Franklin she made some purchases... huge tote full of yarn, lamp, rugs and 2 MIRRORS we got everything in her dads car but the mirrors we still have them and I was hoping she might read this post and give me a call 477-3520 I would like to get them to her as I'm sure she was going to do something fabulous with them.  I hope your reading this.