Sunday, December 2, 2012


Well your probably wondering WHO I am since it has been so long.
Many things have happened in the last two months and before I knew it time had passed.

I did finish this Carriage House, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow.
I won't tell you when it was started, that means Bridgett you are sworn to secrecy.

Do you all remember The Fuzz, well this week we lost her after 12 wonderful years.
She was one of  three sisters and we only have Koo left she is the cross eyed ice cream eating cat in the header.
It was wonderful having three siblings to watch over the years they all looked so different and of course their personalities were very different also.
Fuzz was shy, but by far the sweetest of the three, she will be missed.

We could not stand such a quite house so after a few days we were off to the pound and found a new friend for Woo. 
Looking at these pictures it looks like we got Woo's twin.
Woo is going have to get used to her "mini me"
Well it looks like the house is still going to be quite you say judging by these pictures, but it is just not so as the other pictures were just a blur.

 I saw a post on Merry Wind Farms blog of this sampler
I had started it with the colors called for and put it down very quickly because I was just to lazy to change them up, they were way to bright for me.
When Melinda was kind enough to share her color changes with me I was off and running and I must say that she did a great job as I was able to stitch it start to finish from Oct 5th to Dec 1st.
I really need some lessons in photography these seem a little washed out in color.

The last exciting thing that I did since I last talked with you all was jumped on board with
It is a stitch along to celebrate Nicola's 50th birthday year, she has invited any and all to help her celebrate by stitching Scarlet Letter Samplers through out the year, sharing your progress as you go.
There will be lots of encouragement from fellow stitchers and wonderful drawings each month for those that need extra encouragement.  It will be an exciting year full of wonderful accomplishments.
So if you feel adventurous take a look, tell your friends and sign up, because more is better.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Continue the Momentum

We received this thank you from Momentum Dance Lab. Our  total for donation was $362.00 way to go!!!

From everyone here at Momentum Dance Lab, we would like thank you so much for all your contributions!

We have a very exciting project coming up that we are pleased to announce you have been instrumental in making happen. This spring we will be partnering with the annual Dogwood Arts Festival to do our part in fostering love for the arts and bolstering attention for home-grown creativity and innovation. Art Moves has been our annual spring performance in which we showcase choreography inspired by regional art and created in tandem with music composed by local musicians. This spring we will be incorporating this very idea into the Dogwood Arts Festival and will be featured in several performances throughout its duration. This creative process is complex, intricate, and challenging, but it is one we hold dear to our hearts, and we believe this upcoming show will be our most successful endeavour yet! Performance schedule coming soon!

Not only are we alive and well in the Knoxville art scene, but we were also very fortunate to have performed at the Piccolo Spoleto Arts Festival held every year in Charleston, South Carolina. Piccolo Spoleto has been bringing a wide range of artistic works from all over the world to South Carolina since 1979. In May of 2012 we participated in all the fun for the first time and are hoping to perform again next year.

Momentum Dance Lab has been striving to keep dance alive since 2007 and our sponsors’ support (all of you out there!) and our passion for our art are what have made it all possible. Again, we thank you for your interest in our dance company, and as we continue to explore inspiration in the world around us, we hope you will do the same!

To join our mailing list to receive news, performance updates, and class information please email us at Keep up with us on our Facebook page as well!

Continue the Momentum!

Gabriella Dorado (teacher, choreographer and dancer with MDL)

and Momentum Dance Lab of Knoxville, TN

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thank you all for the huge success of the auction.  I will be sending out emails to those that won this evening.
So I can collect mailing address to get your winnings into the mail.

Last Chance

The bidding for Momentum Dance Lab's Silent Auction will be ending today at 6:00 pm central time.  So take a look there are still some real bargains to be had.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mometum Dance Lab's Silent Auction

I  have been away for most of the summer, but with good cause... I was preparing items for the Momentum Dance Lab's Silent Auction.  I must be forthcoming the official fundraiser was in the spring, but with short notice and a wedding in the works I was some what behind, however the dance company said that fundraising never stops so without further adieu.... 
I would like to introduce
A modern dance company based in Knoxville

How does the silent auction work?
Below you will find items for auction along with their description.
 If one or all tickle your fancy just email me which item you want and the amount your willing to donate for that item. 
On Wednesday September 5th the highest donation for each item will win. 
If you win the item you will receive a donation letter for tax purposes along with your winning item. 
All money raised will be sent to Momentum Dance Lab so they can continue to bring modern dance to the public.
Please email with Silent Auction in the subject line.
I will place top bid amount on each item at the end of each day.  

Item #1
Final Bid $ 45.00
Pinkeep, designed by Stacy Nash
Stitched on linen with cotton thread, lined with reproduction cotton fabric, hand dyed upon completion for a nice antique look.
Finished sizes
Closed 4 1/2 x 5 inches
Open 5 x 9 inches

Item # 2
Final Bid $ 25.00
Ann Nettles trifold needle book
Designed by Stacy Nash
Stitched on linen with cotton floss, lined with reproduction cotton fabric hand dyed for primitive look.
Finished sizes
Closed 4 x 5 1/2 inches
Open 4 x 17 inches

Item #3
Final Bid $15.00
Needle book
Designed by Stacy Nash
Stitched on linen, with cotton floss lined with reproduction cotton fabric, hand dyed for antique look.
Finished size 4 x 7 3/4 inches

Item #4
Final Bid $30.00
Wool Pin Pillow
Designed by Pineberry Lane
Stitched on linen with cotton floss, stuffed with wool and backed with wool fabric with wool penny accents.
Finished size 3 x 6 inches

 Item #5
Final Bid $25.00
Foxy Pin Pillow
Designed by Cardan Antiques and Needlework
Stitched on Linen toweling over one with cotton floss backed with old blue jeans and stuffed with crushed walnut shells.  It has a nice weight to it.
Finished size 4 x 4 inches

 Item #6
Final bid $48.00
Thimble Keep
Designed by Cardan Antiques and Needlework
Reproduction cotton fabric, cotton velveteen and silk matka dyed for antique look.
Filled with emery for keeping needles and pins nice and sharp.
Open 3 1/2 x 6 inches

Item # 7
 Blackbirds Designs wonderful sewing pouch.
Made from their wonderful sampler fabric the inside has pockets to hold all of your stitching tools
Open 19 x 7 3/4 inches
Closed 4 1/2 x 7 3/4 inches

Item #8
High Bid $15
Yoga Socks
What every yoga enthusiast needs.
Made with washable wool sock yarn.
9 inches total length, 4 inches from open heal to open toe.

Item # 9
Final Bid $35.00
Susannah Hoffer's Marking Sampler
Designed by Notforgotten Farm
Stitched on osenburg with cotton thread, lined with reproduction cotton fabric.  Small pin pillow is stuffed with lavender which will fill your sewing box with a wonderful scent.
Finished size 8 3/4 x 11 inches

Item #10
Final Bid $65.00
Project Bag
Cross stitch on front of Pouch designed by Stacy Nash
Quilting and lined portion of bag made from reproduction cotton fabric with antique bone buttons, cross stitched with cotton floss on linen, all hand dyed for a nice primitive look.
Finished size 9 x 11 1/2 inches

If you would just like to donate to the company that will also be gladly accepted and those will also receive a donation letter for tax purposes.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

If you are a sampler lover you need to jump on over to Merry Wind Farm Blog, Melinda has an amazing collection of samplers in a lovely house that I just sit and drool over.  If you hurry she is having an AMAZING give away, a large stitched sampler the winner has the choice from two...Houses of Hawk Run Hollow or Sarah Moon.  So do not wait drawing ends August 30th

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where I've been

 I have been away from the blog helping Gabriella with her wedding and it is official she and Luis are hitched!
We could not have asked for a more beautiful day for the celebration.
I had lots of help from many friends thank you all.
 Kathy Barrick from French Sentiments constructed Bella's lovely jewelry from our vague ideas, she could not have made it more perfect, how such talent can live in one lady.  

Danny and I were very glad to share Bella's lovely day.

Danny always one for keeping busy, managed to take many lovely photos.

I love this one that with all the young ladies waiting for the bouquet.

I wish that all of you could have been there for a piece of cake all decked out in its flower finery.

My next post will be back to stitching and I have not forgotten my promise of framing lessons... see you soon.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Need a Small Get Away?

I mentioned in my one of my post about a class
3 Sisters Antiques and Needlework
in Knoxville
in ONE month.
Why you ask do I keep on and on about this?
Well have you seen the project!
Well I'm sure there are still some openings this is a must have.  All of my favorite things a peacock, a horse, a box, a lovely strawberry and guaranteed good time.
So save your spot and let the fun begin.

3 Sisters Antiques and Needlework Shop in Knoxville TN
April 28th and 29th, 2012
$135.00 includes all materials and lunch.
Please call and reserve your spot today

Well one can never get to many awesome ideas take a look at these lovely cookies.
Pansies are in season now so let's go bake.

You can find the recipe here.
 I love the Stone Gable Blog it makes me wish I had more company and that I could even begin to set a table scape like the lovely ones you will see.
All of the recipes look delicious and I want to try them all.
We should all make pansies cookies and meet in Knoxville and eat them at the Stacy Nash class.
Well enough of my wishing I'm off to do a little stitching I hope to see you in April.

Friday, March 2, 2012

We Have Winners

We have winners 10 in fact.
I had fun with this give away and wish now that I had gotten more stuff for everyone.  I'm going to list names and what you won, if you will please email me your address so I can get items into the mail.
April - Rooster Pincube
Ronnie - Little by Little, Three Blind Mice pattern
Sampler Lover - Gentle Arts Threads new colors
Sheri Gaugler - Goat Pincube
Rebecca - La D Da, Alone in the Garden pattern
Barbara (anonymous) - Weeks Threads new colors
Margaret - A & E Pincube
Ellen - Cat Pincube
Baskets n Prims - EZ PZ picture hanger
Patti - Little by Little Pincube  

Thanks everyone for participating.
Time to stitch!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Nashville Market

What a weekend at the Nashville Needlework Market!
I was lucky to get to go to market with Little by Little to help in the booth, I failed in the help part, but managed to do the scouting for Cynthia and Candi who did all the work.
I have had some emails about Cynthia's new patterns, so lets start with a few pictures of her booth.

 Brown Dog Sampler
New Piddlings

 Old piddlings looking great together in wooden trencher

Three Blind Mice

Now my goal was to take lots of great pictures of all the wonderful booths with the lovely samplers and I managed to get two done.  I'm sorry that I failed you, but by Sunday when I was going to do this I was in a spending stupor.  Have you ever suffered from this?  
Well Here is the one other booth
La D Da 

 And Ms La D Da herself!
I did get this one other lone picture of a lovely little pin box from Needlemade Designs.
This was one of my favorites from market I loved the finishing on it and knew that I had to have it.  Can you guess what is on the other side of the mouse scissor fob?

Now I could go on and on about all of the lovely designs that were there but I will just list a few of my favorites!
Stacy Nash - Grace Bridges
Plum Street Samplers - My Brothers Keeper
Nikys Creations - Needle Keeper
Scarlett House - Mary Roe 1808
Needlework Press - Posies From the Cottage
Summer House - Nine Shaft Sampler (older pattern but a must have)
Shakespeare Peddler - Jane Patterson
I know that you will have already picked your own favorites I would love to hear what they are. I know that I will see them on all the blogs already stitched in a few days, you all amaze me with the shear speed of your needles.

So I mentioned that I would have a give away from market so.... with out further adieu

Please leave a comment and I will draw 10 names so you can share a piece of market.
Pin Cubes, Thread Packs, Patterns and a EZ PZ picture hanger.

How many of you have lusted after this lovely sewing basket packed with pinkeep, strawberry emery and slipper??  Well you now have another chance to make one of your own.
Stacy Nash is coming to teach it at 
3 Sisters Antiques and Needlework Shop in Knoxville TN
April 28th and 29th, 2012
$135.00 includes all materials and lunch.
Please call and reserve your spot today

The cross stitch design may vary from this one as I pulled this picture off of Stacy's blog.
Well I'm off to look at all of the lovely new charts Drawing will be Friday Night so I can ship on Saturday.