Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stacy and Gigi at St. Charles

Back from St Charles Market
I saw lots of great new items to stitch and I now have to decied which to start.
I am the worst with my camera I get to busy looking and fail to record it for all of you to see, however there were lots of cameras flashing so I know you will get a great overview of market if you just search the web.
I spent most of my time surrounded by Stacy Nash's new Designs enjoy a picture tour of her booth.

Pumpkin Harvest top shelf
Thistles and Spells

Mourning Tree

Whaling Ship
Miss Baxter
From Berry Chapel Road (aka Deer Road)
North Winds Blow Kit

Then I was able to spend some time with Gigi's Samplers
She brought over lots and lots of Antique Samplers from her collection here are just a few.
She also had may antique pieces of linen clothing with fine hand work it was like being in a museum.

All were lovely, but I think the Spotted cow has moved into position for my next start he is just lovely!
I will try to post sooner rather then later, this summer has flown by and I'm still trying to figure out where the time has gone.