Sunday, December 2, 2012


Well your probably wondering WHO I am since it has been so long.
Many things have happened in the last two months and before I knew it time had passed.

I did finish this Carriage House, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow.
I won't tell you when it was started, that means Bridgett you are sworn to secrecy.

Do you all remember The Fuzz, well this week we lost her after 12 wonderful years.
She was one of  three sisters and we only have Koo left she is the cross eyed ice cream eating cat in the header.
It was wonderful having three siblings to watch over the years they all looked so different and of course their personalities were very different also.
Fuzz was shy, but by far the sweetest of the three, she will be missed.

We could not stand such a quite house so after a few days we were off to the pound and found a new friend for Woo. 
Looking at these pictures it looks like we got Woo's twin.
Woo is going have to get used to her "mini me"
Well it looks like the house is still going to be quite you say judging by these pictures, but it is just not so as the other pictures were just a blur.

 I saw a post on Merry Wind Farms blog of this sampler
I had started it with the colors called for and put it down very quickly because I was just to lazy to change them up, they were way to bright for me.
When Melinda was kind enough to share her color changes with me I was off and running and I must say that she did a great job as I was able to stitch it start to finish from Oct 5th to Dec 1st.
I really need some lessons in photography these seem a little washed out in color.

The last exciting thing that I did since I last talked with you all was jumped on board with
It is a stitch along to celebrate Nicola's 50th birthday year, she has invited any and all to help her celebrate by stitching Scarlet Letter Samplers through out the year, sharing your progress as you go.
There will be lots of encouragement from fellow stitchers and wonderful drawings each month for those that need extra encouragement.  It will be an exciting year full of wonderful accomplishments.
So if you feel adventurous take a look, tell your friends and sign up, because more is better.