Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Jean

Tomorrow is Jeans birthday so I'm going to give her, her birthday present right here on the blog.  This way it won't be late as I just finished it today.
So Happy Birthday Jean!

I figure if I don't hear from her she doesn't like it.
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Now I will also post another finish that were Christmas presents for Jean and Candi, they still can not decide which one they want so I think the cats will have to pick.

They are knitted and then finished like a pin disk.

Now that you have seen that I really do stitch... I want to thank you all for your lovely comments on the last post. It looks like everyone is looking forward to a lesson on framing, so that will be coming up.   I'm trying to finish stitching a sampler so that I have some thing to work with. 
Well I'm off to do some stitching hope you all have a wonderful week.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 
May the New Year hold much happiness and many finished projects for all! 
I have been looking at many blogs that have pictures up of all the stitching projects they have completed this year well....I'm just going to say I forgot the camera.
However this Christmas has been a busy one with lots of company some traveling and many friends.
Christmas day was fairly quite with my kids gone to Idaho to visit my family, we shared a wonderful Christmas dinner with the in laws, Eli and some friends.
On Monday we had guests in from may have seen pictures here on Kentucky Samplers blog I was teaching Peg how to frame some of her cross stitch pieces.  It is a fairly easy process once you know where to begin. Let me know if a tutorial would be of interest to you.  Peg and I had great fun, but just as a warning finish framing then have your wine.  We did get in some antique shopping and Peg and Bob bought two wonderful gifts for Danny and I
I still can't decide do I leave it as a dish or is it to be destined as a pinkeep?  Danny has collected insulators for years and this one was very tiny unlike all his others a wonderful gift, I can't say thank you enough. We have been invited for a visit to Kentucky so hopeful this New Year will have a little travel in it.

Our next adventure was a trip to Knoxville where we stayed with Candi.  It has been way too long since my last visit there.  Candi is expecting her first Grandchild soon so we all ready have my next visit planed out for quilt making, between the two of us may it turn out square.
I was unable to see Jean in our quick visit as she was busy with company of her own.
We did swap Christmas gifts and I always come home with a pile of wonderful thing!

Jean's bag held all of these goodies plus a Christmas ornament that escaped the photo as it was already hanging on the tree.

Candi's package was all of this. 
Oh do I feel like one spoiled stitcher.  I tell them they do to much, but Oh I love every item, it will keep me busy throughout the year

When I arrived home there was a packet from England in my mail box.  Oh what a lovely surprise from Irene of Starry Eyed Stitcher.  We have been exchanging email and stitching advise after having met through our blogs this past year.  She lives in the Yorkshire area of England.  The fabric, lace, buttons and roving are from different places in Yorkshire, oh such lovely treats.  I was quite intrigued with the two morning pins and the lovely leaded heart that Irene made in her stained glass class this fall.  I'm looking for the perfect place to hang it.

 We did make one other stop on our way home from Candi's.  I can't go to Knoxville with out a visit to Ilona's Antiques in Maryville.  Ernie has great pieces of furniture at the best prices.  I believe that most of my house is furnished from Ernie's shop.  So why stop now....
You may remember a few post back that I had a picture of a postal desk I had seen. 
Well it has found its home.

Thanks so much for your interest in my blog, looking forward to 2012
I'm truly thankful for all the friends that blogging has provided the Internet is truly an amazing thing.