Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Handsome boy

Happy Valentines Day

From Handsome & Smarty
We get to cow sit this weekend so getting my share of slobbery cow kisses

Sunday, February 1, 2015


We have some winners!
The random number generator has selected.
I'm sure that many of you have used these little programs, so today I made two lists of names one for each pattern.  Googled random number generator plugged in the numbers and pushed go and there were two winners.  Since there were a handful of these program and me wondering how random the numbers are.... I opened another program and ran the numbers again just out of curiosity and the second program picked the exact same numbers as the first!
So without further delay 
Wool Woman has won the Jane Habgood Coppard sampler by The Sampler Works 
Diana won  Give Her sampler by La D Da
Congratulations ladies if you could please email me your address I will pop them in the post!
Thanks to all who participated I will have to go through some more patterns as I have fun with these little drawings.
Enjoy the rest of your Super Bowl Sunday