Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spring Blooms, New Starts a Few finishes and Gifts

I am always trying to get some good photos and they usually escape me, but I think I managed to capture a few good spring blooms that I will have through out the post.

 A few weeks back I received a wonderful gift from Nicola -Stitcher Extraordinaire
It was Ann Medd a sampler that I have wanted to stitch for years, but always talked myself out of so now I have no excuse and I am very glad of it.  I'm gathering together supplies so it will soon be a new start!
Thank you Nicola

While I'm sure that I do not get done as much as many of you, I did manage a few finishes this last month.
At the Nashville Needlework Market in March La D Da had this wonderful needle/floss keep as a kit.
Even though I was in La D Da's booth 3 or 4 times I did not even see it, I don't know what I was doing, any way Jean saved the day by seeing and buying it.
Now you ask why do I have three????
Well you see Jean stitched hers and then asked if I would do the finishing she would stitch me one, so of course.... The third one I stitched for Candi just because.
Just a note the stitching goes faster then the finishing, but one without the other is just not the same.

Love in the Mist

 We have a sweet new addition to the house, Cissy.  I think I might have a problem with collecting cute kitties what do you think?

Baby and Cissy learning to play together.


Cat and Mouse Pinkeeps and Slipper
beside some fabrics that looked good for finishing, now just to decide

Love in a Mist among Ice flower 

Mansion House at Fox Hollow 
I saw this antique for sale on ebay and I wanted it so bad, but I was paying some bills off so I just quit watching the bidding as it hurt to much. 
Then a month or so later the pattern was charted so I think that I got the best end of that deal, now to find the right frame.

Mothers day gift
A bookmark by Nickys Creations
 along with coconut toffee from Divine Art Toffee
I had to hurry and deliver this gift get it out of my house so I would not eat it, it is so good I was tempted to deprive my mother, what kind of daughter am I.
I added the link so you can order it up and try it for yourself.

Last but not least two new Scarlet Letter starts
Jane Parish

Manifesto on 40 count silk gauze

So I think I will be able to keep myself busy this summer.
How about you what is in your workbasket?