Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time does Pass

 Where does the time go???
I look around and wonder what have I been doing, well it has not been stitching.
So to make myself feel better and if you just look at pictures you will think that I have just finished all of these!
Many of these pieces were stitched by me, but I finished all of them over the last few years.  Thank goodness for pictures as many of these no longer live in my house.

The bird above by Goodhuswife

 This sweet little purse by Thistle Threads, I sure hope that the saying is not true as I never have any money in my purse, but I sure do have a great stash!!!

 This little needle felted pineapple from my head, I love its tiny size.

This scissor fob was stitched by Candi Smith the pattern from Beth Twist.  What a great idea of using a silver dollar inside, the weight is perfect, this is a must do project.

This wonderful pillow that Carol Sims stitched almost didn't make it back after finishing.  She wanted it stuffed with spices so it smells just like Christmas.  The pattern is by Notforgotten Farm.

This little pillow is by Carriage House Samplings.  I had such fun putting on the little bead trim. 
So while I did not do all of these in the last few weeks, it is nice to look over things we have accomplished.   I know that there would be no room in my house for me if I had kept all of the pieces that I have made over the years but I'm glad that I do have pictures.
So Lets go Stitch! 
So much to stitch so little time.