Sunday, March 30, 2014

Items for Sale

I have been trying to clean some items out of the house.
While I hate parting with cool stuff, I must as I just have to much. 
And I also have a new goal all moneys made from these sales will be saved for a trip so I am not so sad to part with cool stuff.
So on offer today 
If you look closely in above picture Stacy Nash used these in her booth at the Nashville Market 2013 they are holding some of her famous tulips.

Item A

 Item B
Item C

I am asking 25.00 each plus shipping
I will ship anywhere, but due to the weight overseas shipping may be expensive.
If interested please email me at

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Long Time

What has been keeping me away from blogging!
Really in my line of work we call it soil...may be to make it seem more glamours, but let me tell you that's not working for me.
This innocent looking tray of SOIL (40 samples per tray) is what I look at day in and day out.  We (myself and my one lab helper who is 75) tested 1850 samples in one week.  I think we were doing pretty good, however the soil just kept coming so at this point I have quit counting.
I really am not complaining about the Dirt because with out it I could not purchase any stitching supplies so...I will just be knee deep in dirt for awhile.
 This is the hallway at work were all of the samples are stored, just in case the customer wants us to run more tests.  This is only one half of the hallway.

So to get away from it all my husband thought we should go fishing, well he's fishing and I'm stitching.  I can stitch almost anywhere so I always have some project in tow.
I have to mention that the next picture of me in a boat will be different because someone unnamed had to order a new one....but it does have a console for me and I am here to say there is plenty of room for my stitching supplies in the glove box. 

So other things that were keeping me from blogging.
We finally finished the bathroom remodel it only took six months but I am well pleased with it.
I heard Danny telling some friends that we are allowing people to use it for a fee to help cover costs, I hope they are still our friends.
 Here are a few pictures of it.

Even the Cats like to bath in here.

I also went to Knoxville for two day. While Danny was taking classes I was playing.
I visited with the kids and found some little items that had to come home with me.
Check out the scissors they look like they would just be good for decorating with, but they are super sharp and have a nice blade for cutting, may be a tad big for cross stitch.
I also spent time with Candi and Jean and we exchanged Christmas gifts, but did I have my camera??
Really what king of blogger am I.

I finished this sampler a couple of years ago, but it got framed in a hurry when I needed red accents in the new bathroom.  Do any of you have a drawer full of samplers that are completed and just needing framing?  I will show some of mine another day.
 Stacy donated this floor stand to my stitching room and it came in handy for the manifesto sampler that I am stitching for The Scarlet Letter stitch along.  This project is going to take me forever as it is on silk gauze and I can only sit hunched over this frame for a few hours at a time.  I should ask those of you that use a stand all the time does your back hurt or am I doing it wrong?
 I did manage to put a few more stitches in from the last post, but you have to look closely.
But never fear I have other projects in the works..
The Red Deer by Gigi.
I love stitching this the colors are to die for.

I am also stitching Stacy Nash's  Emilia Pool.
This is a stitch along with Irene and Anne in England.  I am having fun stitching it, but I feel that I'm not doing my part in the stitch along as these are the first pictures I'm sharing.  I keeping thinking practice makes perfect, but I am not getting any better at blogging or keeping up my end of the sharing.  It would be so much easier if I could just pop around to their house and stitch with them, I think I could really fit in as I have even started drinking tea.

So because I can never have just a few thing started.... and I needed a project for the Scarlet Letter Year I have started not one but two new samplers.
Ann Sherman 
FWSA an Italian Sampler 1826. 
 Back in February I attended the Nashville Needlework Market.
I was helping out Stacy Nash and her mother in their booth. 
I must say that Stacy had an awesome booth and I just wish that I had a small amount of her talent.
I of course forgot to take my camera, but there were a few picture of her room on some other blogs.
I can not wait till Stacy gets her studio up and running...I am already planing a visit.  If you need a reason to get out you should put it on your list also as you will be sure to find many things you can not live without.
At market you get over whelmed with all of the great stitching to be had all in one place, may be that is why it is so hard to put it in words here on the blog.
I could make a list of all the great designers there along with their samplers, but I would not want to skip anyone so I am going to mention one designer that had no help in her booth so I offered to sit there for an hour or so while she made a quick tour to see other booths and pick up supplies.
I have to say there was NO ulterior motive in this offer.
I did not count on her heading right to Stacy's booth and Stacy and her mom told Kimberly not to worry I liked helping out and that I probably had my magnifying glass out studying her samplers.
I was quite embarrassed when she came back to the room and I had a list of questions about her samplers, oh why did Stacy have to give me away.
Well who is this Designer?????
Samplers Not Forgotten
Kimberly Anne Nugent
She has some wonderful Reproductions and they are so awesome in person.
Isabill Robb
is just one of her samplers and it is now on my list to stitch.  It is huge so I may have to remodel the kitchen to find a place for it in my house.
This pin cushion was her freebie and oh it was just too sweet.

So I'm sure you are saying enough already.
But one last item that I found while out shopping.
I can not say that I'm very good at quilting, but oh I love them and the fabric and books and....
This book contains some really awesome works of art.  Since most of the projects are small pieces I told myself to get it as I could may be able to finish some thing that is small in  size,  or it may just be a picture book for me but oh it wonderful just looking.
 One of the projects inside Ooh.
So since I have gone on and on I will end here, wishing you many happy of hours of stitching.