Sunday, October 24, 2010


We have winners two of them infact on the blog and One more on the website!
Winner of Pumpkin head basket is Siobhan
Baskets N Prims wins the 1808 notebook.
And Barbara Ray wins the Cat head Pincushion on the website.

Thanks everyone for participating in the drawings keep posted as we will have another in the near future as they are fun to hold!

Those of you that won please email me with your address so I can get your winnings in the mail.
Have a good week!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Festival and Give Away

We are so glad to have you visiting both our blog and website, so as a Thanks to all we are having a  Fall Give Away!  The first item is the Cat Head Pincushion I picked my favorite with a Spooky Halloween look.  Visit the website for directions to win the Pin Cushion.
To win either the Pumpkin basket or the 1808 Sampler Notebook, become a follower and post a comment.  Good luck to all, we will be drawing on Sunday 10/24/10.
Last weekend we could be found at the First Annual Tennessee Beerfest.  The weather was perfect and with all the different varieties of beer and vender's you were sure to win.

There were lots of attendees, and the outdoor setting 
 provided a relaxed atmosphere.
We were very lucky to share a booth with three very talented ladies.
Paul Hock with Divine Art Toffee, truly worthy of the Gods.

Wanda Miarecki with her lovely Murano Glass Pendents

Sheri Barfoot with a large array of hand knits.
  For those of you that stitch in the cold she had some awesome
fingerless gloves that would not interfere with your art!

My table. 
The Festival was a big hit and I'm looking forward to next year.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Before and After

Sorry for the long absence.  First it was recovery from the mad dash to get ready for the Primitive Gathering Show.  Now its recovery from the remodel.  I think I showed you my work space in a previous post, it is the dining room table.  Yes I like to be in the middle of things, but I hate to have to pick up in the middle of a project because someone is coming over. So my solution.  I'm taking over one of the bedrooms. 

This is a kind of before picture.  The room was covered with wall paper. Step1: Remove wall paper.
This was what I found underneath, I think a lively child had this room as there were major repairs to the dry wall.

 Step 2:  Picking out a color and painting.  As you have seen in other photos of my house I do like color.  However it causes a problem when choosing floss and fabric colors when stitching, as the lighting of the room is affected by the wall colors. My solution was to put the color under the chair rail and a neutral color up top. 

So just like that it all came together, no not really if your ask my husband there was lots of *&%* to be heard, I think that was why he choose that week to go fishing!

Some more shots of the room.

This is the most awesome book case that I found at Ilona's Antiques, they had two but I had to be happy with one as that was all I could afford and actually fit into my house.

Inside the book case, the front just rolls up like a big roll top desk.  Nice to keep cat hair out.
I have to thank Kathy Barrick-Deiter for sending me a huge array of books that she hoped would help inspire me in my new adventure as cross stitch designer.  The ideas are all there, now its up to me.

This is the inside of the hutch, I thought that I could put my fabric on display on the shelves, I'm sure that it will stay in these nice neat stacks!

I only have one item to add to the sewing room and that is a sewing table.  I think that I have that covered, of course the call to Ilona's Antiques was made and Ernie said he had just finished the perfect one! 
Well I hope to be better at posting now that I'm done painting.  Hope your week is an exciting one till next post stitch lots!