Saturday, April 23, 2011

May Day Give Away

First off, look what came in the mail!  I won all these wonderful things on Liz Mathews blog, I'm still trying to decide which item is my favorite.  Liz has a great blog with lots of awesome pictures and great ideas for things you can create with items like my prizes, so go check her out.

My goal was to post more often, so what do I do but wait a whole month...., but while I may not be posting I have been doing a few things.  So I will show you some finishes.  I was looking through a box and I found some stitching all done but not framed or finished, so I got right to it.

Notforgotten Farm with a tiny white tomato pinkeep and an antique red pinkeep.

Notforgotten Farm "Garden School"

Jean stitched this Spring Tweets, which I think is Primitive Betty.

While I was digging in that box of half finished pieces I also pulled out this.
It was one of my great ideas that I will share with you.  As you can see the pinwheel box in the picture, this is going to be my sewing box with my pinwheel pinkeep (stitched over one on 40ct) still waiting to be put together.  All this was inspired by Carriage House's Pennsylvania Pinwheel pattern.  I have all kinds of other ideas for needle books and thread winders that will some day come to rest in the box, but until then I'm going to share my craziness with you!  Are you ready....

I'm going to give away one painted pinwheel box and the Pennsylvania Pinwheel pattern, so I have some company in my insanity.  In order to win, just leave a comment below give me some ideas what you would do with this.  If your not a follower of the blog I would love to invite you to join (don't worry there won't be tons of reading) and those of you that don't have accounts to join I finally figured out how you can post a comment anonymously thanks Darlene for bringing this to my attention.  Please put your name if commenting anonymously so I know which anonymous I am drawing.  If you still have trouble just drop me an email and I will add you to the drawing.  Good luck to all.  I will draw next Sunday evening.  So enjoy the rest of April, I will see you on May Day with a winner! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Out and About in Franklin

 I am sure that school is still the same as school  long ago, but I think that I wouldn't mind learning as much in this one!
Every time I pass this little school house I ask Danny don't you want a house just like that???  It is located in Franklin and was in bad need of repair. It sits beside four Indian Mounds see sign below for more information.  A subdivision was being built near it on the condition that they give this little school house some well deserved love.  I think they did a great job, but I don't understand why I can't move in now.

 Can you see all those little feet running in from lunch, ready for their grammar lesson!

 On to another part of Franklin and another house that I would love to live in.  This one is located in Crockett Park such workmanship.

 A nice little barn to house the horses and cows and a few chicken.
 A little more formal farm house also located in Crockett Park, it was moved to this location in 1993 to prevent its demolition. 
This little guy was just waiting for his picture to be taken, and then he was off to the races... I did not see the tortorise.
My next post I will be having a give away so check back so you can enter to win.