Sunday, March 20, 2011

Past Due

Where in the World is Carmen Sutton?  Sorry for the lack of blogging.  At first I was recouping from market.  The weekend after market we went to St Meinrad Indiana to celebrate my uncles 70th birthday.  My uncle Pat is a monk at St. Meinrad Monastery. 

He is also the tailor for the Monastery, so the needle runs in the family. 

The construction of the chruch was began in 1899 and completed in 1907.  All of the work was done by the monks and local towns people.  The stone was quarried by the monks at a quary that was one mile from the building site, and then hauled to the work site by mule wagons. 

 Back then the Monastery was self supporting.  Above is the woodworking shop.  There used to be a barn for the wood where the cars are parked and of course there was a barn cat that I would sneak food to when I would visit.
The cemetery on the grounds.

Here is an example of some of the woodwork that was done.  This room houses the vestments for the chruch.   Brother Kim is in charge here, but he is also a well know weaver.

I was thinking of all those cabinets and drawers for sewing supplies!!!

One of the painted glass windows that was designed by the Royal Bavarian Art Institure of F.X. Zettler of Munich, Germany.

So that was one weekend, what else have I been up to? 
I have tested 6,500 soil samples in 6 weeks.  Have you had your soil tested?
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I will be posting more, till then enjoy the weather and have a Great Week.


Siobhan said...

What a beautiful monastery! It reminds me, I have been wondering if that little building at the bottom of Philadelphia Botting's sampler is maybe a monstrance. Or a dovecote.

Bridgette said...

I had to do a double take...When I first seen the photos. I knew I knew that place!! I live only about 27 miles from St.Meinrad. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Happy Birthday to your uncle!

samplerlover said...

What a lovely place to visit Your photos are really lovely and I also love the set of draws. A girl could go beserk with a set like that. - Sandra.

Susan said...

Love the monastery pictures. What a beautiful place to visit!

Happy Stitching!