Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Jane Thomas Finish

Look at what came in my email,
Bonnie Olson's lovely finish of Jane Thomas!
But here is the crazy is stitched on 48 count linen!
When talking with Bonnie she kindly sent me a piece of 48 count linen to try, and while I could stitch on it I began to realize that it might just take the fun out of stitching for me so....
I will look and praise all stitching done on 48ct linen, but I will stick with 40 count so I can still look forward to stitching each night.
What count and type of fabric to you like to stitch on???
Do you use a magnifier?
I like to stitch on linen. My favorite counts are 35, 36, and 40 because I can use one strand of floss, I'm lazy and don't like to lay the threads.  Right now I'm lucky to say that I don't need a magnifier, when I tried using one it just made me dizzy, maybe because I didn't really need it yet.  I hope that if and when I do need one that I will be able to adjust, because I don't think that I can live without stitching!


moosecraft said...

Magnifiers make me dizzy too... which is why I usually stitch on 30, 32 and 35 and always over 2. I tried over 1 on 40ct once and it was not as enjoyable... so I completely understand what you mean by using what is fun for you. :-)

Laurie in Iowa said...

I enjoy stitching on 36 and 40 ct linen the most. I do use magnification and have for many years now. When I first tried the magnifier I became dizzy too... but you do adjust quickly. The magnifier has allowed me to stitch over one and two on the higher count linens. I love the look.

Annemarie said...

Like you, I'm lazy. It takes forever to make a stitch with two threads look neat, so I prefer 36 or 40 count. Have to use my readers, though! 48 count would be absolutely out of the question *shudder*

Zlata said...

This is just amazing! 48-count is obtained cross-stitched jewelry!
Stitching on 40-count for me is a feat, and that can then be said about the 48?
Bravo to Bonnie!!!

Dora said...

Bonnie's finish is beautiful and she found the perfect frame for it! I like 35 & 36 count fabric the best and I have stitched on 40 count, too.

cross stitch kits said...

Beautiful finish indeed! I use 14 count aida, I get very comfortable with this one :-)