Monday, November 7, 2011

Whats preventing blogging

Gosh I can't believe it has been one month since my last post.  That must mean I have been busy doing great things.... but I really can't find all of those great things I have done.  I applaud all of those faith full blogers that come up with interesting things Daily, I just don't know how they do it. 
I did find a few things to show you.

These tomatoes are a bonus from my job.  I work in a soil testing lab, but our building also houses some of the states extension specialist that have been perfecting the tomato.  I must say they are doing a wonderful job, these made great BLT's that we had for dinner.

Another thing that kept me busy was Danny decided that the deck had to go so....
I know it looks like he was doing all the work, but someone had to take the pictures and load the truck.
This next picture is not for the faint of heart.  While we were working on the deck the neighbor's cat would come over to help.  He must have thought that we needed some nourishment so he brought a snack.  It's a little vole, these tiny fellows have the softest fur. I sorry that his little life was cut short.

Now I did get some stitching done, just not as much as I would like. 

A pincushion

Autumn on Marigold Lane

And a start on a Christmas gift

I will be doing better this month I do have another finish to show you, but since its a birthday present I want Candi to see it first.
Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.


Chris said...

Life keeps us busy! Lovely tomatoes and so kind of the cat to bring you a gift!
The projects all look great.

Siobhan said...

My philosophy is to enjoy life and blog when you can. I wish I could come up with more things to blog about, too, but it is what it is! Fantastic projects. I skipped over the picture of the gift from the cat because having received rabbits, snakes, moles, and assorted other gifts from our cats (that now wait at the Rainbow Bridge for us), yikes--that is memory enough! LOL The tomatoes look amazing.