Friday, February 24, 2012

Christmas in February

This arrived in my mailbox last night and boy what a treat!  A lovely over one version of the peacock from Christmas at Hawk Run, I knew it was coming just not when.  I must say it was so worth the wait Thank you Darlene! Your finishing is perfect with the chenille trim I could do no better.  He is hanging on the postal desk in a place of honor.

Quilt up date. 
This is the kind of help I get when trying to finish a project.  I think the quilt passed the kitty comfort test. 
Kitty finally allowed me to finish the small quilt. 
I made a mistake on the front and had to redo a couple of pieces so not to waste them I used them on the back to add some interest. 
Oh I should have said I didn't make a mistake I just planed it that way right? 
Our class teacher who I just love for all of her great pointers showed us a little pattern to make our quilt label with.  It was paper piecing, which I had never even heard of, but oh what a fun technique to do. 
I know many of you have heard that Nashville Market starts tomorrow.  I am so lucky that I get to go I wish everyone had a chance to experience one.  There are so many things to see, people to meet and fun just to be had.  I'm not in a booth this year and in fact my new patterns will be coming out a little later, but I will be helping some in Little by Little's booth you know giving them breaks and such.
I did make a few things for Cynthia's booth.  They are little pin cubes inspired by one in the Primitive Quilt Magazine, but I modified them for stitchers.
Cats, Roosters, A&E, Colonial Lady and Man, Little by Little, and a Hornbook.
I hope everyone likes them.

I will try and find a little some thing at market to share with you. 
Have a great weekend.


Laurie in Iowa said...

The peacock cupboard hanger is fabulous. What a wonderful gift. I love the pin cubes you've created. Are they available for sale through Little by Little or through you?

Peggy Lee said...

The over-one peacock is adorable! Love the colors.
Those pin cubes are cute. Your talents always amaze me...and that quilt!!! Good grief girl, that's beautiful and how could you ever have done such a great job without your kitty to help?

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

The peacock is fabulous! What a lovely gift. Your pin cubes are wonderful.

marly said...

This peacock has every reason to be proud! What a great quilt project and cute cubes, too.

Catherine said...

Love the peacock! Your cubes and quilt are wonderful too! Such a sweet helper you have there.

Chris said...

The pincubes are wonderful :)
I love the quilt too.
A very lovely post :)

Anne said...

I love your quilt! I just found your blog through Margaret's blog and came to say hello! What a cute kitty! Seems to be helpful like mine is!! That peacock pillow is so beautiful! I love how she finished it!! Those pin cubes are darling! The cat one is awesome!