Friday, May 9, 2014


A few distractions from Work Work Work
The diversions that we all look forward to.
Things that make the mundane bearable.
Projects that fill my mind and home.
 Gigi's Red Deer
This has been a joy to stitch, fun colors, crazy flowers and one awesome Deer
Red Deer that is.... don't they have a beer by this name???
Lovely basket for some posies
The following has been a long time coming.
Started in 2010 the year of the 100 year flood in Nashville.
I sat knitting while I watched the water rising in our neighbors yard for 3 days, and then the rain stopped  and so did I.
Until this spring when I finished the knitting and felting.
I still have the lining to put in, its the green fabric the purse is sitting on and I'm still looking for the perfect handles.
I am pleased and it is huge and will hold lots of stuff.

Flowers have been blooming

A snap of a stitch along I'm doing with Irene and Anne in England. I realized when they were going fabric shopping for the lining of the box that I didn't have any, so off I went...
Always fun to HAVE to go to the quilt shop.
(sorry for the wrinkles figured it was now or never as I can talk myself right out of posting)

 Stacy Nash- Emilia Poole

So there you have it a few items that make me smile and keep me going back every morning to the dirt lab.
Happy Mothers Day
Hope you all have a wonderful one.


Angie said...

Carmen, lovely projects! You have been busy! I love Emilia Poole!

Kaisievic said...

Three gorgeous projects, Carmen. Yes, the love of stitching keeps us all going.

Barb said...

The stitching and the flowers are all just lovely!

Anne said...

Oh Carmen! I have the Red Deer sampler too and have been wanting to start it but have too many other stitchy things on my plate. It's beautiful! Don't you just love that deer and the colours?! Beautiful flowers and lovely stitching!

Annette-California said...

red Deer is stunning! Pretty fabrics you got for Emma project which is gorgeous. Beautiful stitching and blooms. love Annette

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Anne and I have finally caught up with you, Carmen. We set about putting our SAL, Emilia Poole, together. We did lots of measuring and cutting and fitting and then discovered we had no glue!! Back into the packet for another day!! Love Red Deer and your bag is just beautiful. Irene xxx

Chris said...

We get such pleasure out of such small things like our stitching. Isn't is nice that we know the peace stitching many are missing out!
Lovely projects!

Margaret said...

OMG, I love that purse! is it intarsia? Color work with stranded knitting? It's wonderful! And your stitching! I've been yearning to stitch the Red Deer Sampler forever. Sigh. Need to kit it up. Are you using the called for fibers??? What fabric? Love your other stitching too -- and yay for the store and fabric! Beautiful! Gorgeous flowers too!

Sandra Sullivan said...

What a great post. I love everything! Blessings, Sandra

Melissa said...

I love the Red Deer sampler! You must be so pleased with it! I must see about stitching this one!

That purse is amazing. Just to think you had to stitch it first, then felt it. You'll use it for years I'm sure.

I like your Emilia Poole pieces too.

and the garden...they are all lovely diversions!

Faye said...

Wonderful update!!!! I love all I see..... I too have Emilia Poole stitched and need to find time to finish her~~~ is at that a fun project?? Happy Mothers. Day~ Faye

Cindy's Stitching said...

really nice pieces. I like all of the colors. Happy mothers Day.

Anonymous said...

Carmen great post Red Deer is
awesome what a lovely piece good job Your purse is beautiful love the colors you have got to finish it soon!!
talk with you soon
Happy Mothers Day
Darlene N

P.J. said...

Lovely blog Carmen, can't wait to see more. :)

Carmen Sutton said...
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