Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Walk

What have I been up to.....
Working, Stitching, Fishing and Walking!
Yesterday at lunch time I went for a walk on the State of Tennessee Ag Campus, its a nice place to walk with trails on its 200 acre Campus there is plenty to see.
This was the lone Iris in the Iris Garden the weather has been so nice I think that this one got confused that it is fall and not spring.
 Up near the Ag museum there is a garden it contains items that are commonly grown in Tennessee

The Little garden has a lovely picket fence around it I'm still trying to talk my husband into making me one.

This big bumbler getting punch drunk in the warm sun.

The walk ended rather abruptly in the gardens behind my building.
If you look closely you can see the HAWK flying up in to the trees.
Well nosy me wanted to see what he had been up to in the monkey grass, I think I startled him as much as he did me.  I never did get to see what he had over there because as soon as I got close he came swooping down to get me out of there.  He did not really have to make his point as I turned and ran thinking gosh they do have pretty sharp talons! 
So thus ended my walk.

 Last Saturday I went to a dying day with the local rug hooking group.
They had guest speakers demonstrating natural dying.
I took velveteen to practice on and this was the result.
We used three mordants Alum,  Iron, and Copper.
We dyed with hibiscus blooms ( the pinks), woad (the two blue grays), Osage Orange (yellow) and the green is over dyed in a chemical dye.  This was great fun and something that I would love to experiment with more. 

One last picture of me with the biggest Bass I have caught to date, weighing in at 6.8 lbs.
Not to worry after his photo shoot he is back in his lake swimming around.


marly said...

That's a big ass bass!!!

Sandra said...

Beautiful blog post. I think I would have had a heart attack if I had come that close to a hawk. I did a lot of fishing when I was young. The difference is we ate them. So good! Your dyeing adventure seems like so much fun. I have been meaning to contact you in regard to Candy. Is it OK now to give her a call. Great hearing from you, even if it is in Blog land. Sandra

Barb said...

What a very pretty walk and what a fish!!!! The different dyes were very interesting.

Katrina said...

Too much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the big red flowers especially :-).