Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Playing with Dirt

Well it has been a long time.  The family visit is over and I have finally got back into the groove at work.  I think that you need a rest after vacation. 
I just finished this last weekend and put it up on the website.  I haven't been out in the garden lately, to hot so I thought that I would bring it inside with this small pocket and pincushion.
It is designed by Stacy Nash call Lets Play in Dirt.  This one pertains to my daily life as that is what I tell everyone I do for a living is Play in Dirt.  I work at the State Soil Testing Lab for the University of Tennessee, and so everyday I'm playing with dirt.
Here are few pictures of the inside of the pocket
Pincushion edge, some random X's all the way around.
The little pincushion fits exactly in the small pocket so it can be carried safely from place to place.
Now how do these pictures fit into the this post?  Well while I was gone Danny decided that one of the two extra bedrooms would better serve as an office/sewing room so he removed everything from the room and had it waiting for me to remove the wall paper when I arrived home. This is a job that both of us dread so much that we never looked at it for the seven years we have been in the house.  I was most surprised when I could pry up a small corner of the paper and take the whole length off in almost one piece, I'm now wondering why I waited so long.
This is scrubbing the wall getting ready for painting.
I will post an after picture when it is complete.  Don't be shocked we tend to go full force with color in our tiny house, but think of tiny robin eggs.
Hope your week is filled with joy, you know wall paper that comes off in one piece.

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