Friday, November 19, 2010

Double Take and Sneak Peak

This morning while getting ready for work I looked out the window and took a double take.  What is that behind my planter?  Running from window to window I finally discovered what it was.

A handsome 8 point buck!  But why was he resting in the yard at 7:00 am?  It was all revealed when we were leaving for work and then we saw what was keeping him in the yard.  He had found himself a pretty little doe and was watching over her while she cleaned up my garden.  It is nice to be able to observe nature at close range, but boy did it put Fuzzy the cat in a panic.
I know that I have be lax in posting lately, but it has been for good reasons.  I have been busy with charting, stitching and finishing.  Here is a sneak peak of a Reproduction sampler that will be available at the Nashville Needlework Market in Feb of 2011.

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