Thursday, November 25, 2010


Its time for Christmas Ornament finishing!  While this one turned out nicely, unless you have unlimited time I do not recommend it!  Or may be it was just me and that day.
I started with one of the new Prairie Schooler ornaments in a neat hexagonal shape.
As my dear husband will tell you I can not just do a simple I thought that I would put the front and back together with a band in between (box pillow) and I would just cross stitch the outline on the back and band and join the three pieces by lacing though the cross stitches (easy). 

But what to do about the hanger?  Oh I have a wonderful idea of weaving a ribbon in and out of the band and having it for the hanger.  How to make the holes for the ribbon why just make button holes all along the band.  So as you can see the process began to grow and grow.  By the end of the day I was really hating this little ornament, but since it has been a few day and I have forgotten some of the pain I'm beginning to like it once again.

So maybe its better if you don't always know what your in for but remember to persevere because it may surprise you in the end! 


Laurie in Iowa said...

It looks fantastic. Well worth your perseverance. Congrats!

Carol R said...

Stunning finish!