Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do All Thy Work

I have put this little pillow out to remind me to DO ALL THY WORK.  I have lots ahead of me these next few weeks before market.  I will have seven patterns coming out, of which two are reproductions.  I'm will be putting up sneak peeks, but I must first finish the framing for pictures. 

I hope everyone's New Year is starting out in the best possible way.  We all need to be nice and fit as there is lots of stitching to be done this year.  I have been reading on lots of blogs about starting and finishing 15 stitching projects this year well... I think I will be passing on that one.  I would not even know where to begin my stash is huge, my time limited and my mind is always flitting from one thing to another.  So I choose to avoid the stress of just 15 and will work on the hundreds already started. 
 Happy New Year!


DonnaSews said...

Hello. I so enjoyed visiting your shop yesterday. Just beautiful!! I was breathless upon entering and viewing all of the samplers, patterns and threads..Great blog too. Thank you for the inspiration.


Siobhan said...

Happy new year! Can't wait to see the stuff you have coming out at Market. I love that pillow!

Michele said...

What a sweet pillow! I need the same reminder myself! ;)

Carmen Sutton & Jean Hohulin said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments ladies.
Donna, I'm glad you enjoyed the shop Three Sisters Antiques owned by Deb Franklin, that is where Jean works part time, but other than being friends with Jeans, I really have no connection to the shop. I do encourage anyone in the Knoxville area to stop in as I'm sure that they will be able to find something for their stash.
Siobhan, Thanks for the encouragement on the designing front, I'm just hoping that there will be something for all.
As for the little pillow Siobhan and Michele the pattern is by Handwork Samplers "Do All Thy Work Pincushion"
It was a most satisfying finish, quick but classy!