Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wins, Market and Huntsmen!

These arrived in the mail this week and what wonderful thread keeps they are.
I so wish I could take a picture that would capture the fine workmanship, but since that seems to elude me you have to take my word that they are divine!  One of the great things is that you can own your own because Marly from Samplers and Santas has them for sale!!!!!

 I know they are great to hold your threads for a project, but I was thinking that they look pretty good hanging above this sampler.

I have been pretty busy these last few week, and I realized  that I have not had a chance to even blog about the Nashville Market.  I had a great time and managed to get so excited about seeing all the new designs all stitched up and displayed to perfection that I couldn't even get to sleep each night.  
 I got to work in Stacy Nash's booth and must say that here is one gal that can take an empty room and turn it into an awesome gallery.  Between Samplers, Flowers and wonderful props I was tempted to ask her to come fix my poor old home!
I did get to meet up with wonderful friends, but I'm the worst with the camera so I only have the above picture with Niky from Nicky's Creations and Stacy. 
Oh the flowers

Spring at Hollyberry Farm and Anna Bradley

Keep your eye out for Stacy's up coming book it will include all of the projects that are in the above picture.  I can hardly wait!!

This is the antique sampler that she based the book on.

We have all seen Butternut Tavern, but don't we need the lovely wire basket and cotton to display it in our own home???  I know I'm looking for one!

I love cats and this Needlework trio called
Cat and Mouse is just to cute. 

My contribution to Cat and Mouse were some Cat scissor fobs.
These were a fun little prim project that keep your scissors close to hand.

Aside from market I have been stitching in Nicola's Scarlet Letter Stitch along, and they were asking where do you stitch?
This is were you find me every evening, do you think I have enough lamps?
I even included my quilt that I wrap up in while stitching, one can never be to comfortable.

Here is the Huntsman that I'm stitching for the Stitch along, you can tell I have been a little side tracked as I have not made much progress since my last picture.

A quick kitty up date. 
This is Baby also known as Baby Face.
She is getting quite big and is a sweet cat indeed, she loves to play so after loosing Koo Kat we thought we would get her a play mate. 

And here she is, I have been calling her Newbe, but that may change as we get to know her better.
As for a playmate for Baby Face well... Newbe might not have time to play, but she sure loves to cuddle.


Peggy Lee said...

Lucky you...going to the Nashville Market! I wouldn't be able to sleep at night either.
I've been drooling over all the new designs online.
Your kitty scissor fobs are great!
Enjoy the new kitties. They are sooo cute!

Chris said...

Lovely update. Stacy's room at market was so beautiful.
Lovely SL progress.
The kittens are so sweet too.

Shirlee said...

You are a lucky gal indeed, getting to work with Stacy at the market. Thanks for sharing all the photos! Love the kitties : )

Laurie in Iowa said...

Loved viewing your photos from Market. I'm a huge Stacy Nash fan. Your Huntsman looks fabulous.

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

It all looks wonderful. Those kitty scissor fobs look so cute - but maybe not quite as cute as Newbie and Babe! Irene xxx

Anne said...

Wow! That must have been a blast manning the booth for Stacy Nash! Love her!! Also love that wire basket, the kitty fobs and the new kitty!