Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bird Watching

A nice day, an open window perfect for bird watching!
Baby and Newbe like to bird watch together maybe so they can compare notes or feel like together they can take on the big birds!
Like this large woodpecker that would give these two tiny cats a run for their money. 
Must be all those giant grubs that are living in this tree stump that gave Woody a leg up on the cats.
So while cats are bird watching I have been stitching on the Huntsman and have made some progress since last post.  The grass has really intensified the colors and I'm loving the look.  Not much more to go, but I'm already wondering what to work on next... A new start or a finish of one of the bazillion WIP stashed around the house.  If only I could train the cats to stitch then we would see some progress.
Well I had better get back to it. 
Oh just a note, if you stash your WIP all over the house it doesn't look like you have so many, just saying.


marly said...

Wow that's a lot of stitching. SO worth it though. You've got the Grand Poobah woodpecker! Aren't they amazing? I bow to him hoping he will bypass my house.

Deb said...

Your piece is wonderful. Definitely a lot of stitching, but so worth it. The colors are beautiful.

Sandra said...

I love the Huntsman. What a treasure that will be when it is finished. Missed seeing you and everyone else in Nashville. Maybe next year.
Homespun Elegance

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

The Huntsman is looking good!

Stash all thru the house, hmmm not sure hubby will buy into that one

Laurie in Iowa said...

The Huntsman is beautiful. Pretty kitties.

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Oh Carmen, the Huntsman is looking wonderful, what amazing colours and what a lot of progress. Thanks for the tip about the stash, although your willingness to shop for me is not helping in that department!! Irene xxx

Chris said...

Wow! That woodpecker could carry off one of those cats :)
The Huntsman looks beautiful!

Margaret said...

Your Huntsman is so glorious! Love it! Love your kitties too! My Mia has been enjoying open windows as well. Ah, spring!

Shirlee said...

Your stitching piece looks great & will be gorgeous when it's finished! The kitties sure are adorable, & I just love watching woodpeckers : ) We haven't had a Pilated Woodpecker since we lived in Tennessee but I have seen some others here.

llknbillburg said...

Love your piece! The colors are just gorgeous! I like your idea about getting the cats to help with the stitching!! If you get that worked out, you've got to let me know. All mine do is lay around the house all day! It would be nice to get some kind of production out of them! LOL Laura

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh I love your pictures ! thank

bisous from FRANCE