Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I must confess I have an addiction, well maybe two. The first is to furniture, with a smaller house this can become a problem, but I'm not sure that I'm ready to face this fact. I probably should not even have written this much as my husband may use it to sell some. Here is the newest piece to make it in the house. Great for displaying all of those collections of STUFF. Any stuff, old, new, bought, handmade, salvaged it all works!

See all the STUFF.

A close up of handmade and old stuff.

Do you recognize this little sampler of The Goode Huswife? The original was made into a cute little shadow box which I thought was to much work for me, so I changed it a bit. I found a paper mach box that it fit on perfectly. I painted it with milk paint and distressed it some, you know to make the new look old. Then I thought the inside needed some thing, a pincushion. I used wool and mimicked the lambs tongues that were on the stitched piece using wool in similar colors. The little fish button finished it off he is swimming in the pond under the swan.

I guess I have revealed a lot so what may you ask is the other addiction, oh that's just to Dr Pepper


Lisa said...

I love your newest addition from your addiction! (does that make sense?) and it is perfect to display all your cool stuff! I love what you did with the Goode Huswife design.

I myself am a Mountain Dew girl!

Siobhan said...

I love all the stuff--it makes your house your own. I can't understand people who buy things because they fit into a space, rather than finding something they love and making it work because it's special to them.