Monday, April 26, 2010


This little fellow watches over Jean, while she stitches. He was a birthday gift from her son.

Here are more of the items that I found in Jeans house, her flair for display so apparent. Not only does she have a good eye for display, but a good eye for antiques also. Many of these pieces came from our friends at Ilona's Antiques in Maryville, TN

A dainty curio cabinet with small bent wood accents on the glass door.

But what does she have inside? Look close at all her stitching treasures.

A pretty old rocker.

This fine little table with its clean lines.

This small desk it a true gem my photo does not do it justice. For an antique this piece has had good homes as it is in pristine condition.

We must not forget her sewing cabinets. This one is an unusual shape, I think it is begging for a sampler to be mounted in its lid.

This is the outside of the sewing cabinet that was pictured yesterday.

Jean did not know that I was posting all of this and was most touched by your comments. I must say that I look forward to reading them also. Thank you.

May you all enjoy the treasures in your homes and lives.
It is easy to forget how many we do have.


Siobhan said...

Wow again! I love everything, especially that curio cabinet. Wow!!

Jennifer H said...

Drat! Now I have to clean the drool off my keyboard...that curio cabinet is to die for! :sigh: Wish I had that - wish I had a place to put it - wish I had the money to get the piece too!

Lucky, lucky girl!


Lisa said...

Everything is so great! Is that a real fox?

Carmen Sutton & Jean Hohulin said...

Yes, Lisa, it's a real fox. (stuffed) Our son gave that to me for my birthday. ha....not your usual gift from your kids, right?

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh!! How cool is that!! What's his name?