Sunday, April 25, 2010

Samplermaker Extraordinaire

We went on a road trip from Franklin to Kingston to meet up with Jean the other half of Cardan Antiques and Needlework. I never seem to be able to take in all of Jeans samplers, house and gardens. This trip I went prepared with camera only to sit down to blog and realize that it will take me at least three posts to let you see what I saw.

Jean has a way to display stitched pieces that makes me want to have her come to fix my house.
Every where you look there are stitched piece in bowls and cabinets on tables and walls. I just wish that my poor little photos could do it all justice.

She has stitched samplers in sewing chests.

And is well known for her love of tiny over one stitching. She loves it so much that she stitched both the Houses and the Village of Hawkrun Hollow over one! She calls it love, but it may be more like crazy, oops that's just jealousy speaking, because I'm still working on the Houses over two and I'm not telling how long its been.

Over the next few days I will show you more of Jean our stitcher extraordinaire.


Siobhan said...

WOW!!! What fabulous eye candy. Thanks for sharing the pics--can't wait to see more!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Wonderful stuff, thanks for sharing with us and I'm looking forward to viewing more snaps.

Lisa said...

Wow! I love it all!! The sewing chest is really unique! I want her to come to my house and give me a few pointers too!

Jennifer H said...

She stitched HRH over one????? Okay, have to know, what wine does she drink whilst stitching over one??? LOL

They are very pretty and I loved looking at all the pictures too! Can't wait to see more...