Thursday, May 13, 2010

Adam and Eve Samplers

Can we ever have to many smalls? I think not, they are fun and quick to stitch, then made into useful little items, pyn pillows, needle books, stitch finders and scissor fobs. But best of all these little projects help you get through the large projects, giving one the sense of accomplishment that helps you get through the some times overwhelmingly large samplers that we set out to stitch.

They also make for lovely displays in your home.

While stitching come first I can't help but add pictures of the blooming flowers. These are love in a mist, the first year I had both blue and white. They reseed themselves, and for the next 3 years I only had white, but this year was a big surprise the blue was back!
Our cats are indoor cats, they get a treat to go out on the deck a little each day. This is the first year that Fuzzy has been allowed out as she is a flight risk. I think that she already has her eye on the birds in the yard.

A & E Samplers

Everyone must have a few!

Francis Eden, by Handwork Samplers

All for an Appil, by Scarlet Letter.

While not a A&E sampler it does have a wonderful garden and the best of vipers, in the prettiest of blues. He must have swiped the blue love in a mist all of those years.

A Parrot, a Leopard and a Lion, by Scarlett Letter.

I'm not sure how many smalls were stitched and finished while working on these three large samplers.
What helps you get through the large samplers? Do you only stitch one project at a time? I don't dare count how many I have started.
Enjoy your week, I will be adding new items to the website tomorrow so stop by and take a look.


Lisa said...

I love your basket full of smalls!! Your framed pieces are wonderful, my poor Francis Eden probably thinks she will never be finished :(
I have some Love in a Mist too! I love that they are reseeding. Mine aren't up yet~will have to see what colors I have.
I bet Fuzzy was on cloud nine being able to be on the deck!

Laurie in Iowa said...

All your A&E samplers are gorgeous and I love your basket full of smalls. Wonderful eye candy for a Sunday morning.

Siobhan said...

I loooooove your A&Es, and the PL&L! It is a nice companion to AAWFAA, isn't it? Frances is one of my favorite A&Es--I love the colors in it. Your basket full of smalls is, as Laurie said, total eye candy.