Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flooding and Samplers in TN

We have had major weather issues this weekend here in Middle TN. Yesterday it rained 13 inches that last I heard, and it has started all over today. We also had tornado warning, and lots of flooding. We have 3 interstates coming into Nashville and at one point they were all shut down, due to flooding. I was supposed to go fishing with my husband, I opted out because you cannot stitch in the rain in a boat, you know when I'm not catching any fish. We are now stuck in separate places, due to flooding. I have been knitting and listening to the weather. The above picture is the back of our yard, most of the water is in neighbors yard.

This ditch runs down our side yard and it is usually empty.

The garden was in need of watering, but......

So taking a break from knitting, I thought that I would show a few samplers that are hanging on the wall. I took lots of pictures so I thought that I would just start with a few. These three are darning samplers. I love to stitch darning samplers, it is fun to see the pattern develop.

What are your favorite type of samplers?
Oh I did find a sampler that I can't wait to buy. Go to Needleprint and see the up coming Quaker. I know that there are tons of Quaker samplers out there and they are very similar with all the medallions, just in different placement and perhaps color, but this one steps over the boundary and is a must have! Go take a look
Well back to knitting and weather watching. Hope everyone is have a great weekend.


Glenna said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm putting your blog in my reader! Love your photos, especially the banner pic. I'm a TN fan, since I was undergrad at UT Chattanooga and grad school at Knoxville--my fondest wish is to retire in Knoxville.

Siobhan said...

I do like that new Needleprint design! I have a bunch of Quakers but kind of got tired of them... still love them but I guess just burned out on stitching them. My favorite type of sampler is just about anything with the A&E couple in it. I love your darning samplers! I have a few in my stash but haven't stitched any. I hope the rain stops and the water starts receding soon!