Sunday, June 20, 2010

Small Pieces of Franklin

This is the Carter House that is located in downtown Franklin. This house was in the center of the Battle of Franklin, November 30th, 1864. This battle was the beginning of the end for the Confederacy. During the 5 hour battle 5 Confederate generals where killed, there were 9,500 casualties total for both the Confederate and the Federal armies.
Side view of house

House from the back

Resident cat that demanded some attention that my husband could not refuse.

This log cabin was where the meat for the farm was processed and stored.

Kitchen, located behind the house.

Farm office

Side view of Farm office, the perfect red!

Pictures of the oldest public cemetery in Franklin, there are 4 Revolutionary Soldiers that survived the war and later laid to rest in this cemetery. I love all of the old headstones.

Notice the old dry stack stone walls. You find these walls all over middle Tennessee.

This is just one of my favorite little out buildings that I drive by just to look at and wonder what it used to be, house, office, shop? I could see living in it, if only I did not have so much furniture, and stitching stash!

Nice old chippy paint over the brick.

These condos while not old give the downtown area that old feel, they are quite elegant.

This picture is just as a reminder never boast of ones good fortune, because a big rain storm may come by just to humble one!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Fathers Day!

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