Saturday, December 11, 2010


What have you been up to?
This week we had Danny's fishing club over for their monthly meeting, one of the members brought dinner, I put out plates and cleaned up, I think I came out ahead on that one.  I don't think that they noticed the fishing lure tree thought, it was in the same room as the food so there was no contest! 
Then Gabriella my daughter came home and we made Baklava and Toffee, so glad that she took that home with her, it is just to tempting.
Today I started off the day well.  I listen to the local fishing radio show on Saturday mornings 5-7am, because they give away all kinds of stuff.  Today I WON!!!! What do you ask, well about $500.00 worth of custom made duck calls.  I don't win things very often, but for some reason I do well on the Doug Markham show. 
So after all of the fun and excitement I thought that I should get to work on some stitching things that are piled up around here.  So framing was today
I have had a piece that Jean stitched for way to long and its done at last.  I think the reason it has taken so long to finish it is because it looks perfect in my house! I will look at it for a month more and Jean can claim it when she comes to help with market!  Tomorrow more finishing!

  Jean's Carriage House Samplings "An Independent Mind", in an East Side Moulding Frame.

This is what the Kat Koo does all day!


Chris said...

It sounds like you are having a great weekend! Congratrulations on the win. The framed sampler is beautiful. That is one happy cat :)

Joanne said...

Beautiful sampler - Seems to me KitKat has the life- being toted around!