Friday, September 16, 2011

New Patterns, A Finish and a Start

Two new patterns are released!!!
First up is
Johnathan Pease
A small original tombstone sampler, verse is borrowed from a real tombstone the rest is just what I thought Johnathan might have looked like. 

The second is a reproduction sampler
Caroline Adler
This is a very colorful sampler from Candi's collection. 
 It's the perfect size one that can be finished fairly quickly, but has plenty of substance to add to any sampler wall.  Jean stitched this one in her usual record time.  Thank you both Candi and Jean for sharing this sampler with us all.

Both of the new patterns can be purchased from me or your local shop can order them from Hoffman.
Johnathan Pease $12.00
Caroline Adler $ 13.00

The models will be on display next week at:
3 Sisters Antiques and Needlework
Knoxville, TN

Now for the big finish!!!
Ann Smith
I still can hardly believe it's done, but I put it in the mail today and it will soon be home.

 This is truly a lovely piece, the colors are vibrant and draws ones eye.
Danny is for ever telling me that my samplers needs some color red, well this one has it and I guess I should listen to Danny because it really is stunning!  I'm am honored that I was able to help complet this sampler for my friend.

I can't deceide, but I think I like those two parrots best!

So now what do I do with myself?????
I have to say I'm almost too tried to think about it.  Not because Ann Smith wore me out, but because Danny has been away fishing this week and that means no one to tell me to go to bed.  So late nites stitching, days at work, a vicious cycle hard to break.
As of today Danny's fishing team is in second place, so send out the good fish vibs so maybe they can pull to the lead.  Besure to add to the wish that the fish are released after the weigh in so its a win win for both fish and men.

I still have one more late nite so here is what I decided on.
Pineberry Lane's Autumn on Marigold Lane.
I just love all that comes from Wendy's studio, she is one talanted lady.

Happy Stitching!


Catherine said...

Fabulous patterns! Love the tombstone!

Peggy Lee said...

Congratulations on the finish. It's GORGEOUS!! What a good friend you are!
I really like that new pattern. Can't wait to see your progress.

Good luck to Danny!

Katrina said...

Fun new patterns, I especially love the little Tombstone piece :-). And Ann is gorgeous, congrats on finishing and I love the new start!

Good luck to Danny too.