Sunday, September 18, 2011

Working Weekend

Weekends are when I get the most done.  On Saturday while waiting for Danny to come home I decide that I would get busy...
I put the finishing touches on two thimble keeps that are now for sale.

These thimble keeps are made with reproduction quilt fabric on the outside.  The inside is made with antiqued cotton velveteen a snug spot for your needles.  The roll which holds the thimble if filled with emery so you can sharpen both pins and needles.  Pins have the perfect place on each end of the roll.

Each thimble keep has an antique button that provide a place for the cording to wrap around to hold the thimble keep closed and your thimble safe.
If you would like to give one of these a home I would be happy to send it on its way.
Each Thimble Keep is  $54.00, for purchases in the US shipping is on me, for outside the US I will contribute the US shipping price to the overseas shipping rate.
I also made a quick outing to the antique district in Franklin.  I was checking to see if The Barn Door had made it to their new location.  I found that they will be opening the doors at their new location on the 22nd of this month.  The new location in on South Margin so if your in the area be sure to stop in.  Since I was unable to get my antique fix there I headed over to The City Farm House, where I found the above ironstone sugar bowl.  Its missing its lid but I have ideas for this little beauty, so check back in a week or so to see what it becomes.

When I got home I thought that I should make something for Danny (OK me) it is called Starbucks Lemon Loaf.  I don't mind saying it was pretty yummy the recipe is can be found on so don't be shy it goes perfect with a glass of milk or a cup of tea.

Now on to what took the rest of the weekend.  I guess I should not have put this ugly picture so close to the Lemon Loaf.
What you ask is that???  Well about one month ago I picked up wool at The Hatcher Dairy and as you may or may not know that sheep, while they are the sweetest animals are not necessarily the cleanest.  So washing was in order.  This time consuming process took place in the bathtub, lots of hot water and Dawn dish soap. 

But look how rewarding a bunch of snow white wool

The basket on the right is clean dry wool,  the basket on the left is carded wool.  While I'm proud at how much I got washed I still have a large black garbage bag full of dirty wool.  So I guess I know what next weekend will consist of.
Thanks for all the comments on the last post, I love to read them. 
Danny did make it home on Saturday night dog tired and disappointed that his team did not take over the lead, but thanks for all of the luck that was sent his way.
Well I guess I had better get ready for bed because it is back to work in the morning.
Have a great week, stitch well!


annie said...

Lovely rolls! The dessert looks yummy!

Peggy Lee said...

I have seen your thimble keeps in person and I can say they are a true work of art! They are beautiful.
I will need to try that lemon loaf recipe...thanks.

That's alot of wool! What will you do with it?

Carmen Sutton & Jean Hohulin said...

The wool will be used for stuffing, needlefelting and I will get some ready for sale.

Catherine said...

How beautiful your thimble keeps are! The lemon loaf sounds yummy!! I may just have to give that a try!

Siobhan said...

Your thimble keeps look great! I will definitely try that lemon loaf. I love desserts with lemon in them. YUM-O.

Love your new patterns!